Radon Testing Hit or Miss

I have been performing radon tests for potential home buyers and home owners since 2005. I get ask many questions, but one that is asked the most is “Do you find high levels of radon in my particular area?” and my answer to this question is that its a hit or miss. Your next door neighbors home can test high for radon and your home can be low. I recommend that every home should be tested for radon, this is the only way you will know if there is a problem. I have also included the EPA Georgia Radon Map on my website that you can take a look at.

Matthew Thoroman
Atlanta Radon Testing

Atlanta Radon Testing

The state of Georgia has not currently adopted any form of radon regulation standards for testing. This means that any individual can say he/she is qualified to perform radon testing in your home.

The National Environmental Health Association/National Radon Proficiency Program (NEHA/NRPP) is one of only two accredited associations in the country. Matthew Thoroman is one of few certified radon measurement providers Standard/Analytical in the state of Georgia

Individuals holding a Residential Measurement Provider for Standard and Analytical Services have demonstrated knowledge of U.S. EPA radon measurement protocols for the placement and retrieval of radon measurement devices. They have also demonstrated knowledge of the proper interpretation of results obtained in residential settings. Furthermore, these individuals possess and analyze radon measurement devices.

When hiring a company to perform radon testing in Atlanta please do your homework. I believe the health of your family is worth doing a little research.

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